How to Show FPS in CSGO - 3 Best Ways

Enable FPS Counter for All Steam Games

This is the easiest method and my personal choice as I like to see my FPS in all my games.

  1. Go to your main Steam client and in the top left go to Steam -> Settings

    Steam Settings

  2. Go to the “In-Game” tab and find and enable the FPS counter.

    Steam FPS Counter

  3. That’s it! You can see an example of how it looks in the top right here.

    CSGO FPS Top Right

Use Console to Enable FPS

If you don’t want FPS to show for all your Steam games this is an easy alternative.

  1. Open the console in CSGO(here’s how to enable console if you need it). 
  2. Type cl_showfps 1 and hit enter.CSGO Show FPS Command
  3. Done, you can see how it looks in the top left. If you want to disable it type cl_showfps 0 in console.
    CSGO Show FPS Top Left

Use Console to Show FPS, Ping, and More.

This method also uses the console but gives you more information. It’s up to you if you prefer just FPS or all of it.

  1. Open the console in CSGO(here’s how to enable console if you need it). 
  2. Type net_graph 1 and hit enter.CSGO Net Graph
  3. Check how it looks in the bottom right. Disable it by typing net_graph 0 in console.
    CSGO Net Graph FPS

What's a Good Amount of FPS

In general 60 FPS is the minimum you want but if you are a very casual player you could maybe get away with 30. A good middle amount to aim for would be 144 especially if you have a 144hz monitor. 240 is probably the ideal amount. Anything over is just a nice bonus.

One important thing to note is higher FPS is important even if you have a low refresh rate monitor. If you have a 60hz monitor you will not notice a visual difference between 60 and 100 FPS but the “feel” of the game will be better due to things like lower input lag.

Why FPS Matters in CSGO

FPS(Frames per second) is very important in a fast paced game like CSGO. You can see some examples below of how it can affect your game.

CSGO High FPS Animation Smoothness
CSGO High FPS Ghosting

If you want some more information about FPS and how it affects you check out this article by Nvidia.

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